Here’s your 100% Rebate Instructions 

Thanks for your interest in our secret Amazon sale: 100% FREE top-rated Vitamin Powder from Amazon  

This is a really amazing deal! Here are the details so you can grab yours:  

FIRST, WHY ARE WE DOING THIS? We are a small business who sells our product line on Amazon. To celebrate the launch of our new Vitamin Powder on Amazon, we have decided to give away 28 of them for FREE.  

Why are we doing this? Because we want to generate positive word of mouth and a “social buzz” about this new product. It’s a win-win!


All you have to do is this: After you purchase the item on Amazon, forward me the receipt and we will rebate you 100% of your purchase price by PayPal. (You pay only the shipping that Amazon charges. If you’re PRIME, even the shipping is free!)  

** Limited Availability - Only 27 available today, so you must act fast **  


Step 1: Go here to our Vitamin Powder on - Just click the button below and it takes you to our Vitamin Powder on 


Step 2: Check out and pay for the item on Amazon, like normal. 

Step 3: Just fill out the super-easy "rebate request form" below, and also give me your PayPal email so I can reimburse you. Easy. 

I ask that you please allow me 15 days (or less) to PayPal you the rebate, because we do this manually and it does take some time.  

Also, I am going to provide my personal email and cell phone number below in case you want to ask me a question before/after you get this. I've already sent you an email with my contact details. Just in case, here’s my personal contact info if you have questions:  

(1) My personal email (this comes right to me):  

(2) My phone number: 800-964-8482  

It is really, really easy to get your PayPal rebate: All you have to do is fill out this short rebate request form right here (it takes under 1 minute)  

Rebate Request Form - Click Here After You Purchase

I have also provided the link to the Rebate Request Form in the email that I've sent you.  

Again, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

THIS IS LEGIT, and it’s a great deal for you AND our new up-and-coming small business! We want to launch this Vitamin Powder in a big way on Amazon :)

But act fast -- we are only giving away a small number of these today! If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me. Have an amazing day!  

The Deal Expires In: 


Remember to do it right now, because there are only 27 left available. We have a limited supply and this rebate offer will end within a few hours today when they are sold out.  

Also, if you need any help, let us know! My email address is: